Home Deus – Yuval Noah Harari

This books follows the popular book ‘The Sapiens’ from the same author Yuval Noah Harari. If you have not read the book ‘The Sapiens’ it should be read first. So that it will give better picture on understanding this book.
The Sapiens talks on how the homo sapiens evolved as human being in detail. This book ‘Homo Deus’ talks about how the Sapiens conquered the entire world and how it made humanism as the new religion. Also the book discuss in detail on what are all the possible futures for the sapiens and what are all the challenges sapiens may face. The book also raise a question on ‘Sapiens conquered the world from other species, then who will take over from Sapiens in the future?’ and discuss the possibilities in detail.

One of the must read books of lifetime. This book will change the way how we look creed,humans,industrialism.

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