Amount of Creativity

Whenever I see something new or innovative I am remembering the people behind that. Along with that getting this question also in my mind. Are these people blessed with creative minds? Are they born with creativity? How can they are able to do innovative thinks which others can’t.The fact is that, they are not born with the creativity. But they grow with creativeness. They might have got this through their parents, friends, environment or on their curiosity. The core behind all these is that they are learning something more.

Yes, It’s the place where the magic begins. To understand this in simple way we can say like this.

“Creativity is the permutation of our knowledge on matters”.

How much we knew that much permutations we can make. When we know only about mobile and doesn’t know about touch technology we can’t make apart from NOKIA. But if suppose if we knew both, touch screen mobile comes in our hands. That’s it.Creativity is always depends on time too. If we find something that doesn’t exist today it may be an Innovation. But the same may not be Innovative in the future.

When we mix random thinks the outcome is always awesome. Mix anything and everything. There is no rule. No barrier. Anyway this mix is a virtual mix only. So no worries.The idea behind this we need to read a lot, lot, lot. Here I mean reading as learning, not just reading and closing the book. Later just mix what you have learned. Creativity will follows you.

Thank you.

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