The imitation game

the_imitation_game_posterIt’s a 2014 American movie based on a real story of Alan Turing, happened during second world war. It’s about the life of mathematician who helped to crack the encrypted messages sent by German military to their on ground team on the strategies. Until it was decrypted it was so tough to the British military to defeat Nazis in the war fields. Later Turing invented a machine which can decrypte the encoded messages on the fly which is one of the main reasons behind British success in WWII.

The British government kept this as high level secret for another 50 years and later revealed. In between that Turing was accused of homosexual crimes and punished. By that it was against the British law.

The movie has been made in very interesting and thrilling way. One of the major area I love a lot is science portion and the love between Turing and Clarke. No wonder the movie won the academy award for best adapted screenplay.

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